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The Farm
The Isles Farm is a working farm. In the spring, summer and autumn the fields are home to our suckler cow herd of approximately 60 cows and their calves. There are also the one and two year old calves born on the farm in previous years and two bulls;one Aberdeen Angus bull and one Charolais. In the winter the cows move inside and the fields are usually grazed by sheep.

The Isles Bungalow was built in the days when the farm was a dairy farm and was initially constructed to house a dairyman and his family. The Bungalow is along a private lane to the farm and very little traffic passes, just the odd tractor and delivery van.

We also have several rehomed hens called who enjoy a free range existence pecking around the farmyard and trying to steal food from the farm cat (Flix).

The area has a diversity of wildlife; numerous rabbits and hares run around the fields, after dark badgers scratch around and if you are quiet you may see one or two. Deer occupy the Isles Woodland which surrounds two sides of the farm. The Loch has had otters populating it for many years and visitors are occasionally priviledged to get a rare sighting. There are numerous species of wild birds around the bungalow and farm including pheasants, woodpeckers, herons, robins and tits and seasonal visitors such as curlews and fieldfares. House martins have built nests under the eaves of the bungalow and in late spring/ early summer they can be seen flitting around collecting food for their chicks. Swallows also swoop around the farm and sit on the telegraph wires.